Sticky Fingers – Summer School 2022

laboration of the Social Design Studio (Brigitte Felderer / University of Applied Arts Vienna) with the ENUTC-Project “TRUSTMAKING: Young creators and responsibilities for the new green transition” and the Ceramics Studio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

rather around literally immaterial qualities which are transmitted by other people – of all generations –, by plants, by animals, by sensual experiences, by narratives, invisible systems, routines and rituals, rhythms, anchor points, by history and, of course, a prospect of an imaginable future. Urban structures are shaped by the interplay of their multiple layers. But layers opening up to qualities of “lieux infinis” (Encore Heureux) are adding to an atmosphere, to social density and cohesion, are communicating notions of in- as well as ex-clusion, of potentials and of unplanned possibilities of (urban) development and its infra-structure.